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The skulls of the national scene

As every year, readers of El Siglo participated by sending their Calaveritas and following the tradition of the Day of the Dead.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell

To Dr. López Gatell,

the calaca wanted him in the well.

No one else like him

of a barber and a liar.

His posture was arrogant,

he felt protected,

by a lousy ruler

that the country had screwed up.

The bony one is happy,

for the terrible handling.

Already lost count

and everything by reason.

Gerardo Reyes Rivera


López-Gatell died

couldn’t stand the pressure

the calculations failed him

the curve was not flattened

The contagions day by day

they kept increasing

and despite his experience

could not control

Victim of statistics

never managed to square it

and the grim reaper already muted

he took it away in a sack.

Maria del Rayo Alcántar Silva


2020 is undoubtedly a year of reflection,

the whole world has suffered an immense depression,

the cause of all this was a terrible pandemic,

started from China in an amazing way.

They call him coronavirus and he has already turned the planet,

forcing us all to wear masks and masks,

go and damn death, you did enough damage

and return to the holy field to the place where you left,

But before you go, we ask you a favor

take Andrés López Obrador by the ears,

He comes up with everything that he brings to the country in his head

and it is about to end Mexico and its greatness.

César Ignacio Muñóz


That the President died

People are saying,

very happy obviously

there are the ex-presidents.

The news is already given

that the FLACA has taken it,

it caused many a surprise

and others believe they have delivered it.

Calderón celebrates it,

together with FOX and Peña Nieto,

Ernesto Zedillo applauds him

and Salinas very happy.

… and that Noroña arrives

to continue what started,

again they are as before …

I think they will be prosecuted.


There was in an Altar of the Dead

a Photo with the Dead,

there were five who were

the Ex-Presidents Together.

They were Carlos Salinas

Zedillo and Vicente Fox,

the last one is Peña Nieto

and before him is Calderón.

Embraced and happy

Smiling and Peeling the Tooth,

what they did not imagine

Why did Death join them?

The Bony Takes Them

to the Five at once,

so that they continue with their Tranzas

to the CERESO of the Pantheon.

Joaquin Talamantes Figueroa