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There I order you, watch movies …

“There I order you” was released simultaneously in 198 countries.


A couple with successful jobs and a great relationship are faced with the dilemma: to have children or not? She with an upward career does not want to, he says that motherhood is in the gene of all women.

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This is the Mexican movie: “There I order you”. Romantic comedy that confronts us with the current family model in society. It was released in theaters, but can now be seen on the Netflix platform.

We spoke with the director Salvador Espinosa and with the writer Leonardo Zimbrón, about this contemporary plot;

There are two issues, one what paternity means of whether or not you are in the moment, especially for women. But second are the role changesThe cliché par excellence is the woman who wants to be a mother and the man who refuses to take the plunge. In this case it is the opposite, he is a man who wants to be a father and a woman who does not know if he is going to want to. A decision that involves the couple and that is not necessarily wrong. The point is that there is a biological clock and once you cross it, there is no going back (Salvador ”

Does the film reflect various realities of current women at the same time, what do Leonardo tell us as a writer?

As a script writer I had to balance that point of view: the character of a man who wants to be a dad. But the female character grew enormously and got on the same level as the leading man. In order to level it, I invited Tiare Scanda to write, because the female point of view is important, which is curiously the subject of the film “

In order to keep the current theme in what young couples are living, there was a research process:

The idea arose 6 years ago and from there we began to develop the story. Evolution in many ways, but it is the result of a series of interviews with both parties: single parents, men who were never fathers who had many children or in different marriages and the same with women. Why the central character has elements of many women that I have the honor to meet, but especially my wife. She had these doubtsShe, Tiare and she had more in-depth talks about the doubt of a successful professional woman. And also see this question: What is the challenge for professionally successful single women, who are also moms without any help? ” (Leonardo)

The manufacture of the film and its launch coincided with the pandemic, Salvador tells us:

Filming ended at the beginning of the year, like 3 weeks before this all starts to blow up. Two weeks after I started editing, the quarantine began, and all that process was remote. Post production has to be as face-to-face as filming, the same processes were affected in a certain way in what we are used to. But it was scheduled to premiere on this date. The film was originally intended to be released in theaters, but circumstances changed and we received a good proposal from Netflix. At first, it did appear in theaters and was on the bill for a couple of weeks, then I entered the platform where the explosion came and became popular all over the world”.

“There I order you” was released simultaneously in 198 countries:

(Salvador) I will continue to produce films that have theatrical release, it is important to maintain that industry and continue to attend theaters. Because it is different to see her at home that also has its good side in the family and economic part. But going out to the rooms is a social ritual and the experience is different.

(Leonardo) I’m not saying which is better, both are worth it. In this case, although it did have a short run in theaters, the film found its success on the platform. What a delight to have different vehicles to present our story “

“There you order” is a romantic comedy with a very current theme, which makes us laugh at many moments and also reflections. It can be viewed through the Netflix platform.

Mauricio Ochmann, Esmeralda Pimentel, Regina Reynoso, Juan Martín Jauregui, Fernando Becerril, Verónica Bravo, Tato Alexander, Verónica Langer, Moisés Arizmendi and Tiare Scanda perform.

It is highly recommended for the whole family.


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