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They arrest a man who transported human remains in a little devil in CDMX

In a little devil, Eduardo was carrying the mutilated corpses of two people when he was arrested. Police from the CDMX Center detained the man.

Eduardo was carrying a boat and a plastic box on a little devil that he pushed through the streets of the city.

Upon arriving at República de Chile and Belisario Domínguez, the police officers noticed that the man had dropped one of the boxes with black plastic bags.

Therefore, the agents approached him to ask him to show what he was carrying inside the packages.

By forcing him to open the bags, the police officers saw the human remains.

After calling his companions, the police officers transferred the detainee to the ministerial agency. There, the apprehended identified himself as a member of the La Unión Tepito criminal group.

The agents who attended the case indicated that there were two mutilated corpses that the detainee was carrying.

They already analyze the images of the surveillance cameras in the area to find out where the bodies came from.

But the policemen indicated that the man had left a neighborhood in the same Historic Center, in the city hall of Cuauhtémoc.