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They call for no parties these days

The Archdiocese Primada of Mexico called on the faithful so that this Day of the Dead they commemorate their deceased from their homes and asked the Catholic community to stop using religious holidays as a pretext to meet. “All the containment measures that have been and will be insufficient, if as a people we continue to use religious and civil festivals as a pretext to meet; if as a people we continue thanking God that it was the one next to us and not me, if we eat We people cannot understand that we are living in an exceptional situation, which requires a heroic effort to overcome this historic crisis, “the Archdiocese said in the Sunday editorial of the Semanario desde la Fe.

Since the publication, the religious body exhorted the Catholic community not to saturate the premises and stay at home during these festivities offered by the eternal rest of the dead.

“Our life and that of many other people is at stake. Let’s celebrate without the need for crowds. The essence of the holidays is to fill us with joy, not mourning; they are to gladden the soul, not to overshadow it; they are to honor God of Life, not death, “he said.

He asked the parish priests of all his churches that the masses scheduled for this November 2 be transmitted remotely, so as to avoid concentration of visitors in the crypts of the churches. The church recognized the civil authorities that have established measures to contain the virus such as closing the pantheons and reducing the risk of contagion. The Commemoration of the Faithful Dead, as it is known in the Catholic Church, is very special because it takes place in the midst of a global pandemic where more than 1.190 thousand people have died from COVID-19.