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They demand justice in Mexico for femicides

Feminist collectives held a concert at the Hemiciclo a Juárez in the center of Mexico City, to later carry out a march of the Catrinas to demand justice and make visible the feminicides that are committed in Mexico.

Approximately 100 women gathered in the Hemiciclo a Juárez, where an offering was placed for the victims of feminicide, as well as photos and posters with the names and stories of the women who have been murdered in Mexico.

After the concert that took place this Sunday afternoon by the group “Snow Apple”, the catrinas will march to the “Antimonumenta”, where another offering will be placed for the victims of femicide.

Among the groups that participate, a group of about 20 women dressed in white catrinas arrived, in whose dresses they hung photos of the women found dead in the Río de los Remedios, State of Mexico.

Ana Elena Contreras recalled that the march is a call for justice that has been carried out every year since 2016 and that she received a donation of 500 marigold flowers that were distributed in the offerings of the Hemicycle, the “Antimonumenta” and the Squat that they keep in the former building of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH).

“We try to make visible the cruelty and extreme violence with which they kill women and girls.

“They have been angry lately with the issue of violence. Generally we do very rude things, but really what we want to say to society is to look at us and understand that it is not natural, that women and girls are not numbers. but when we talk about femicide we talk about lives that are taken away, “said Contreras in an interview.

Another group of hooded women, calling themselves “Obsidianas”, arrived at the site and brought a giant catrina, also hooded, to join the march.

Likewise, relatives of victims of femicide placed an offering on the Angel of Independence to remember them as part of the Day of the Dead celebration that takes place in Mexico.