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They find human remains inside an ice chest in Edomex

The body of a man was found inside an ice chest that was abandoned at the entrance to the San Pedro Atlapulco community.

To the victim they mutilated his feet and hands, and on his chest, his murderers tore a message written by “chapulín”.

The human package was discovered on Saturday night on the La Marquesa-Tenango Del Valle highway.

“It was around seven (at night), at that time it is already dark, people reported a mutilated body, they threw it from a vehicle,” explained a source from the Security Secretariat (SS).

The corpse had both lower and upper limbs severed, and wrapped in plastic.

On his torso, they marked the legend: “Chapulín ALV”. It seems to be a homicide committed between organized crime gangs.

With no traces of those likely responsible, the area was cordoned off by the police. Before midnight, elements of the Investigation Police (PDI) arrived.

The remains were taken to the Institute of Expert Services of the Prosecutor’s Office, as unknown.