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They murder four women in Oaxaca


Four women were murdered at the end of October in different criminal events registered in OaxacaIn only one of the cases, the State Attorney General’s Office reported the arrest of the person likely responsible.

A woman identified as Arisbeth, 34, of Colombian nationality, was murdered on the night of October 30 by gunshots when she was in the community of La Estancia, in Huajuapan de León, in the Mixteca region.

Apparently the attack occurred from a moving vehicle, although the woman was rescued by paramedics, they were unable to save her life due to the serious injuries caused by the impacts received in the stomach.

Earlier, on the 23rd, the homicide of a female person was confirmed in Santa María Mixtequilla, on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Two days later, another woman was murdered in the urban municipality of Villa de Zaachila, near the city of Oaxaca.

On October 27, two men shot and killed a woman, identified as Ana, inside a bar in the Palomares community in the Matías Romero municipality.

The alleged perpetrators were detained by elements of the State Investigation Agency and sheltered in the Municipal Police gates, however, later, a command of armed men rescued one of the attackers.

The probable culprit was presented to the judicial authority that requested it, in compliance with the arrest warrant established in criminal case 316/2020.

According to the hemerographic monitoring of the civil organization, the Documentation Center of the “Rosario Castellanos” Women’s Studies Group (GESMujer), so far this year has registered: 87 murdered women. According to the civil report, the month of October closed with five crimes perpetrated against women.