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They process 4 for Tlalpan 550; ravages of 19-S

Generic fraud. The control judge Jupiter López Ruiz linked Francisco Martín del Campo Souza, José Portilla Riba, Diego Eloy Mariscal Lozano and Ricardo Cañedo Macouzet to the proceedings.


On October 17, the control judge Jupiter López Ruiz linked Francisco Martín del Campo Souza, José Portilla Riba, Diego Eloy Mariscal Lozano and Ricardo Cañedo Macouzet to the process for various generic fraud. The four are part of Ideas Residenciales, SA de CV, the company that built the Tlalpan 550 towers.

The four towers suffered fractures in their walls, damage to masonry and stairs in the earthquake of September 19, 2017.

So far the owners of the condominiums have not been able to return to their homes, as the reconstruction process has not concluded.

“We were deceived with a condominium that does not comply with the basic construction rules, does not comply with the seismic coefficient in which the weight that the structure of a building must carry at the time of an earthquake must be considered in order not to present failures, and it is a coefficient that was established since 1985 ”, said Leticia Pérez Aguilar, victim of Tower B, which was built between 2007 and 2009, together with Tower A.

Raquel Galindo González, co-owner of condominium 702 in Torre D, which was built between 2010 and 2011, along with C, narrated:

“We were deceived: they offered us a dream, an apartment in a very well located area, with a gym, elevators, apparently luxurious finishes, but it was a generic fraud, because at the time the earthquake of September 19, 2017 occurred it was found that the materials they used were of low quality, there were fractures in a large part of the walls and important pieces of the masonry detached ”.

On the day of the earthquake, September 19, 2017, the investigation folder CI-FBJ / BJ-2 / UI-2 C / D / 01384 / 09-2017 against whoever is responsible was officially opened.

Various opinions were annexed to the investigation folder, but “on two occasions they had already shelved it, however, we have been in this fight for three years and we are in a group of victims (United Victims of Benito Juárez), who They helped us bring this situation to the attention of Dr. (Claudia) Sheinbaum and we managed to get her to channel us with (the prosecutor) Ernestina Godoy.

“She helped us not to be shelved. By talking to her, we were able to explain the situation to her and make them understand that the building was poorly constructed, that there were no legal arguments to put it away, ”explained Verónica Serrano Rueda, from tower A.

On October 13, there was a first hearing in which the victims presented their evidence and in a second hearing, on October 17, the defense of the accused presented their arguments.

“The Gómez Mont law firm presented a very absurd argument: they said that as long as the structure of the towers does not fall, it does not matter if the walls fall. They argued that they did build respecting the seismic coefficient and the proof of this is that there were no deaths on the day of the earthquake, but there were no deaths by the hour, because most of the inhabitants were in the school or office, ”said Pérez Aguilar .

At that hearing on October 17, “the defense also said: ‘we know that the towers did not fall, but they are uninhabited’, so the judge told them: ‘if it is uninhabited, it is poorly built, right?’ and that October 17, the judge decided to bind them to trial. “

However, the four defendants have protection to avoid being arrested.

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