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They take to the streets in Oaxaca despite COVID-19

Despite the multiple recommendations of the authorities of the state of Oaxaca for people to avoid meeting and attending mass events, this Saturday afternoon, the main streets of the city center were crowded with people.

It was found that the streets were crowded with people, many of them from the state and other states, without wearing face masks and without respecting the recommendations for safe distance. The people gathered near the Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán and the tourist walkway.

Yesterday Saturday, the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO) called on the population to become aware of the risk posed by the congregation of people in public spaces such as pantheons, deaths and costume parties, since the Covid-19 epidemic is still active.

The agency asked to wait for the deceased faithful at home, not to take children to ask for skulls and to make purchases for the festivities with all the pertinent sanitary measures, such as correct use of the mask, healthy distance and washing hands with water and soap.

In response to the call of the authorities, the emblematic pantheons of various municipalities, where evenings are held to honor the memory of the deceased faithful, remained closed to visits. Such was the case of those of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán and Santa María Atzompa, which year after year receive hundreds of visitors for the nightly evenings of the souls.