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They will make the face of health personnel visible; that covid patients know who cares for them

This November 3, the photos of 500 health professionals will be delivered to the INER so that they can carry them on 10 thousand disposable stickers on their uniforms, so that patients know them.


Doctors, nurses, orderlies and health workers, who at all times wear a mask, goggles, a hat and a uniform that completely covers them, to care for covid-19 patients, will now make their face visible.

This Tuesday, November 3, an action will be carried out by citizens and businessmen to print thousands of disposable stickers with the photograph of health personnel, which they can wear on their uniform, so that their patients can identify them.

At the initiative of Luis Wertman, president of Confianza e Impulso Ciudadano AC, the first package of these printed identification supplies, as a donation by the Union of Industrial Lithographers of Mexico AC, will be delivered this November 3 to the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER ).

In an interview, Wertman explained to Excelsior It seeks to humanize the relationship between doctors and nurses with covid-19 patients, so that they can recognize in the image the faces of those who care for them, which will give patients confidence and security.

“We are going to try to give that health worker his identity again, so that the patient sees that behind that mask, that mask, there is a person who has a smile, who has an expression to convey a message to us, to encourage that we are going to recover and at least know his name, “he said.

In the first delivery to the INER, 10 thousand disposable stickers corresponding to the photos of 500 health professionals from the institute will be donated, with the solidarity support of industrial lithographers, and it seeks to replicate this action in other hospitals.

The platform to receive the photographs of doctors, nurses and orderlies is in charge of Confianza e Impulso Ciudadano ( ) which provides them to the Union of Industrial Lithographers for free printing.

“Because packages are delivered so that they can stick them on the disposable uniform that is used, and that is why there is no talk of cards; It has to be just as disposable as the equipment they take away, ”Wertman said.

Excelsior He also spoke with nurse Lizbeth Salazar, who upon learning of these stickers from a cousin, who is also dedicated to this profession at the INER, managed to deliver these identification packages to 34 more nurses in the next few days.

“I spread, but first I asked permission first,” he said.

Salazar considered that these supplies serve mainly for the covid-19 patient to feel trust in whoever cares for them, but also serves to sensitize their profession.

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