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Volvo announces the end of gasoline and diesel engines – l’ebdo journal

The rumor has been running for a few months at Geely in China, owner of Volvo. But this time the company is putting its words into action. Volvo has announced that it is becoming a full-fledged electric car maker. We’re not even talking about plug-in hybrid cars anymore, but only 100% electric vehicles.

An electric motor laboratory

Geely has set up an electric motor laboratory in China in addition to the one that already exists in Göteborg, Sweden. These two laboratories are working on the development of the battery of tomorrow. Volvo which had already made the promise that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo vehicle. To this promise Volvo now adds that there will be no more thermal car sales in less than five years, and 50% in electric, 50% in plug-in hybrids. These are very ambitious goals considering that this is all in just 4 years.

It is clear that some countries are ready to take the turn and that electric technology has gained ground. However, there are still many obstacles such as the price which cools many buyers which will have to be taken into account in this approach.

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