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A risky bet

At the end of the Juan Manuel Santos era, Colombia had three great things to show for it. Obviously, the peace process, a war of more than 50 years that was coming to an end. Second, a protocol and institutional framework for the management of social protest and a strategy for dialogue with communities. And the third, perhaps one of the most important fronts, foreign policy. During the government of Iván Duque, all three things have been thrown away: the peace process was summarized in the reincorporation policy, and now that the security indicators are soaring, the Executive begins to understand its mistake. On the other hand, social dialogue does not exist, all the institutions were dismantled, all this was demonstrated a few days ago with the minga of the south-west. Finally, the most critical thing is experienced in foreign policy. In this last field, the bet has been risky, since the Government party has opted for a support from the Donald Trump campaign, a situation that adds very little to the Republican party but could cost the Duque Government and the country a lot.

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