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Accept itinerary change 90% of affected passengers: Interjet


The Interjet airline reported that more than 90 percent of passengers stranded by the suspension of flights during the November 1 and 2 They have accepted the change of itinerary and confirmed that their 2,690 passengers are protected.

He recalled that he will resume operations on a regular basis on Tuesday, September 3, as announced through his Twitter account.

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This, after this Monday, some of the passengers who were stranded went to the counters located in Terminal 1 of the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) to request support and reports after learning of the suspension.

Few employees served consumers, who wait for several minutes to be informed that flight changes or refunds were only taking place by phone.

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Companies in the airline sector have been the most affected by the negative effects caused by the covid-19 pandemic. This situation has not been alien to Interjet, which has seen its operations and the company’s cash flow altered ”, the airline said this afternoon through a statement.

The company also reported that some of the aircraft entered maintenance, which led to a restructuring of flight schedules.

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