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AMLO asks to wait for results of investigations of the Odebrecht case

After it was revealed that Luis Alberto Meneses Weyll, former director of Odebrecht, denied Emilio Lozoya’s versions that the bribes that the company gave to finance PRI campaigns and for the Energy Reform to be approved, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked to wait for what the investigations carried out in this case show.

“I read that one of the Odebrecht representatives spoke of Videgaray’s accusation, he said that the money he had given was for obtaining contracts that had not been used, says the Odebrecht representative. If the statement that I saw today at 4:30 in the morning is true, that it had not been used to finance the PRI campaigns or to buy the votes, for the approval of the Energy Reform, that is, the one from Odebrecht is saying that the bribes were for contracts, or hints, I do not want to be blunt, categorical, because that will be up to the authorities.

“And it also clarifies -that calls my attention- that the money was not used for the campaigns, for the presidential campaign and that the money was not used to bribe lawmakers, who passed the energy reformThat’s what the Odebrecht representative says, we have to wait for us, we have to see what results there are. “

El Universal reports this Tuesday that according to Luis Alberto Meneses Weyll, former director of Odebrecht, the bribes that this company gave to Emilio Lozoya they were only to win public works contracts, but they were never intended to finance Enrique Peña Nieto’s campaign, or buy legislators to pass the Energy Reform.

At a press conference, the head of the federal Executive stated that it should be expected if a judge considers that this case reaches former president Enrique Peña Nieto and reiterated that the citizen consultation will decide whether or not to prosecute former presidents.

“Well, that has to be decided, the prosecution and position, always is that in the case of the former president is the consultation of citizens, so I submitted the request for consultation because it is not only a legal issue, but also a political one, so if the request for the consultation is already in progress, well, I maintain that we should wait, but the Prosecutor’s Office is also going to decide because it is already an autonomous, independent institution. “

In the National Palace, the president confirmed that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) requested an arrest warrant against the former Secretary of the Treasury, Luis Videgaray, and that one of the crimes is treason, but that the judge returned the file.

“I have no knowledge of the truth about how the application is being presented to the judge for the arrest warrant, to issue the arrest warrant I have no knowledge, other than what was disclosed in the media, which is true, in In this case, the Prosecutor’s Office asks the judge to authorize himself to issue an arrest warrant and the judge returns the file. “

“That is true, it is the only thing I know, if I read that one of the alleged crimes is treason, but we must see if that is the reason or any other for returning the file to the prosecution. I have no further knowledge “, said.