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AMLO will ask for report of arrest of Cienfuegos after election in the US

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported on Tuesday that he will wait for the electoral process in the United States to conclude to request all the information related to the arrest of General Salvador Cienfuegos, former secretary of National Defense (Sedena).

In addition, it will request data on the relationship of Cienfuegos with the former Nayarit attorney, Edgar Veytia, arrested and sentenced to 20 years in the neighboring country for ties to drug trafficking.

At a press conference, the head of the federal Executive stated that your government will ask that you report on how these apprehensions occurred, who are those who intervene and the agreements that exist with intelligence and security agencies in Mexico.

“There has just been a case that went unnoticed, but that will surely be reviewed, that of the Nayarit attorney (Edgar Veytia) who sentenced him to 20 years in prison because he acted as a protected witness, so it is the end of September, and little later, in October, that of General Cienfuegos, and the entire accusation of General Cienfuegos revolves around alleged acts committed or related to Nayarit.

“We go in due course to ask for clarification of all this, not now because we are taking care not to get involved in the electoral part, as we should not, but already tonight we are going to vote or how long the electoral process takes and we have to review all this: give apprehensions? Who is involved? And the agreements that exist of the agents that act in Mexico. “

In the National Palace, the president he reiterated the gratitude to the government of his counterpart Donald Trump who, he assured, has been respectful of the sovereignty of Mexico and his government has not participated in covert actions in our country.

“We have to thank, I repeat, I have already said, that President Trump has been respectful, they have not interfered, they have not participated in covert actions, or there have been no agreements, they have not intervened and they have been respectful.

“However, there are issues that we require about that relationship, we are just waiting for the elections to pass,” he said.