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Chronicle of carelessness: I always wear the mask, but …

In various neighborhoods and municipalities, at different times, it is increasingly common to see citizens of the capital carry out their daily activities without wearing face masks or doing it incorrectly.


Given the increase in hospitalizations in recent weeks due to covid-19, it is likely that next Friday restrictions will be determined on the hours of various activities.

However, more and more people avoid wearing masks, despite the fact that until now the only fight against the pandemic has been prevention and health measures.

Excelsior He made tours of various points in Mexico City to find out the reasons why they leave without protection.

“Bringing the mask all day gets a bit annoying, that’s why I take my rest times when I notice that there aren’t many people. Yes, I know that the mask is essential and in an oversight I can catch it, but I’m already tired ”, said Ivonne González, 60 years old and a user of public transport.

“I always use it, but my ears already hurt, I work from 11 in the morning until 7 at night. I know I can get it, I accept my responsibility, but I’m also already bored with using it, “said Luis Martínez, 35, a street vendor at the Ermita Metro station.

“The best method to prevent is the use of face masks, but today I do not bring it; I left the house and since I am not going to get out of the car, I left it, but I usually use it all day when I have a meeting, meeting or hearing ”, shared Alejandro Guzmán, lawyer.

“With the mask my nose hurts after wearing it for a long time; Apart from my nose, I feel dizzy, I only use it when I go to places where there are many people, ”said Adriana Ramírez, a stroller from the Historic Center.

“We learned to live in fear because we are at risk every day. We are already tanned and with so much garbage it gets dirty very quickly (the mask) ”, answered Luis, a cleaning worker.

If the trend of hospitalizations due to covid-19 continues, next Friday the government will issue restrictions.

Meanwhile, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, has called on the population not to lower their guard.

“I call on the public: let us continue to be in solidarity. Let’s use face masks, keep a healthy distance and wash our hands frequently. Once again I ask you: let’s not lower our guard, ”he said.

Some points of more crowds and people without masks are the Historic Center, public transport and public markets.

Markets Reinforce controls

Mayor Benito Juárez strengthens health measures in the public markets with the greatest influx to reduce the risks of contagion.

Since the early hours of yesterday, health personnel from the demarcation intervened in the Portales and Mixcoac markets, checking the temperature and allowing only those wearing face masks to enter.

Filters were placed at the entrances and exits, where consumers were invited to use antibacterial gel and go through sanitizing mats.

Inside, it was observed that the premises have plastic or lenses to avoid direct contact between consumers and sellers; the latter are required to wear face masks.

Efrén Argüelles