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Clara Brugada, mayor of Iztapalapa, tests positive for COVID-19

In her Twitter account, the mayor of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugada Molina, reported that she was positive for COVID-19, so she is already isolated, “well and working,” she said in her message.

In addition, he commented that he is in permanent communication with all areas of the mayor’s office, to coordinate and evaluate the actions of his government, so “We continue working without interruptions to protect the population”, he claimed.

With this, Brugada Molina joins the 786 cases of public servants of the capital government that until last week they reported being positive for the coronavirus and the second mayor who is a victim of that virus, since Julio César Moreno Rivera, from Venustiano Carranza, was previously.

Of these, 83 correspond to the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC); 51, to the Ministry of Health; 47, to the Water System; 35, to the Secretary of Government; 28, to the Metro; 24, to the Ministry of Works; 19, to the Ministry of Health; 16, to the Ministry of Finance; and 16, to the Secretary of the Environment.

Another 15, to the Legal Department and Legal Services; 12, to the Electric Transportation Service; 10, to the Central de Abasto; eight, to the Passenger Transport Network; seven, to the Ministry of Culture; six, to the Ministry of Labor, the same number in the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Welfare and the Fire Department.

Similarly, they reported five cases in the capital’s DIF; three, to the Secretariat of Urban Development and Housing; and two, in the Historic Center Authority, the same amount in the Reconstruction Commission.

One person in each of these areas: Ministry of Mobility, Ministry of Tourism, Institute of Housing, Guaranteed Education Trust, Transportation Regulatory Body, Environmental and Territorial Law Attorney, Social Attorney, Metrobús and the Office of the Comptroller’s Office.