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Congress, ready for second wave covid-19; they will reinforce the virtual legislative power

The pace of work in the upper house will not decrease, despite the pandemic, reiterated the president of Jucopo, Ricardo Monreal.

Senate will not stop its activities due to infections


Unlike what happened in March-April, the Senate will not stop activities in the face of the second wave of infections by covid-19, since Ricardo Monreal promotes a political agreement that allows the approval of constitutional and legal reforms with votes cast from the offices of the senators and endorse proposals with a point of agreement, known as exhorts, from their homes, with a digital signature.

Faced with the impossibility for the political forces to agree to reform the Constitution and the Organic Law of the General Congress, the president of the Senate Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal, promotes an agreement to shape the virtual Legislative Power in Mexico , so that it can operate as of next week, given the institutional alerts on the growth of covid-19 cases and the possibility of a new confinement.

The agreement innovates in two voting modalities.

The first, with electronic signature, will be used when the full Senate meets remotely. In it, senators will be able to participate from their homes. They will be able to validate the minutes of previous sessions, the opinions with a point of agreement, the licenses of senators, the agreements of the Board of Directors and the Political Coordination Board, decide if the agenda is modified and the approval of appearances of public servants .

The second method of voting will be applied in face-to-face sessions, which will be exceptional. Only 50 legislators may be in the full Senate; There can be another 20 in the plenary session of the Permanent Commission, to make 70 senators; the others will be in their offices. From the Permanent Hall and from their offices, the 78 senators who will not be in the Plenary Hall will be able to vote remotely.

Ricardo Monreal explained to Excelsior that it will seek that the proposal be endorsed by the consensus of the parties, because only then will it be valid for its operation: “Although Morena has the majority, we are not going to use it; we are committed to the greatest possible consensus ”.

In San Lázaro they will vote for a new income package

The changes that the Senate made to the income package will be approved by the Chamber of Deputies in a face-to-face session next Thursday, the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) agreed yesterday with Mario Delgado Carrillo still in charge.

The plenary session of San Lázaro will return to the issue of the Revenue Law that it reviewed two weeks ago because the senators eliminated the increase in digital platforms and the powers that would allow the SAT to videotape assets of the taxpayer’s domicile.

In a virtual meeting, the Jucopo also defined the format and topics to be addressed in the two sessions scheduled for this week on November 4 and 5.

Tomorrow’s plenary session will be held in a blended format and opinions that already have the consensus of all parliamentary fractions will be discussed, such as the Reform of Article 4 of the Law of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples; the reform of various provisions of the Organic Law of Congress on research institutes, and a proposal to reform the Regulation of the Eduardo Neri Medal, with the aim that this recognition be awarded on this occasion to health sector personnel.

In the session next Thursday, November 5, which will be in person, the discussion and approval of the minute sent by the Senate of the Republic regarding the Revenue Package for 2021 will be held.

The parliamentary coordinators in the Chamber of Deputies also authorized that the appearances of the heads of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) and the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) be carried out virtually this week.

They also determined that in the blended mode, attendance will be passed and votes will be taken through the application that has already been installed on the cell phones of each of the deputies.

For Thursday, in the face-to-face mode, assistance will be passed through the application installed on the legislators’ cell phones and the votes will be taken directly from the seat.

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