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November 03, 2020

The next delivery of the 2020 National Sports Awards has generated enormous controversy, especially within Mexican golf, because due to an error that they have accepted within the Mexican Golf Federation, chaired by Jorge Robleda, they did not process the respective candidacies in time and form. In the case of the golf sector, the year that the player of the Mexico Golf Club Gaby López has had, as well as that of the Campestre de Reynosa, Abraham Ancer. Both deserve the distinction that, in the case of professional athletes, is a diploma and a medal, they do not receive any financial incentive. It is simply the aspiration to receive, from the hands of the first president of our country, such recognition.

Gaby López has achieved a couple of triumphs in the top LPGA women’s professional golf circuit and is located in the world ranking, this week, in position fifty. Something very commendable. While Ancer, who has had several runners-up on the PGA Tour, the top men’s professional golf circuit, is currently ranked twenty-two in the world rankings, which undoubtedly makes them very viable candidates for said award.

The matter became more controversial when the distinction for the professional athlete fell in the hands of the professional tennis player, Renata Zarazúa, who has had a huge upturn in her career, highlighting her recent qualification to Roland Garros, where she won a round.

The tennis player from the capital is located in position 150 in the WTA and so far she has not won important tournaments in the women’s circuit, a situation that fueled the flame of discontent in Gaby López and her team when she was not nominated. Honestly, Zarazúa’s very important achievements do not yet deserve such a distinction.

In this framework, the criticisms for the blunder of the Mexican Golf Federation, it seems to me, do not detract from the great work that has been carried out from that entity in this period, led by Robleda, who has worked with courage and efficiency in favor of the growth of the sport of the poles that has developed so much throughout the national territory.

The national and international achievements in recent times are an example of this, especially that unity and teamwork drives the projects to be successful.

I insist, an error, no matter how big, does not destroy the magnificent work done by the entire current board of the Mexican Golf Federation for five years that, like the fighting bulls, I am sure, will grow to punishment.