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COVID-19 outbreak: Cardinal-Roy school closed until Friday – L’

Cardinal-Roy elementary school will be closed until Friday to allow all students to take the COVID-19 screening test. Since last Wednesday, 15 staff members and 5 students have received a positive diagnosis.

“The school will be closed until Friday since Public Health recommends screening for all people who attend school,” said the director general of the Chemin-du-Roy school service center, Luc Galvani.

“Parents will be contacted to ask them to go and test their child at the industrial building,” he adds. We will take stock of the situation on Friday. At that point, the Public Health investigation will probably be more advanced and that we will know where this outbreak came from. ”

For the moment, the mystery remains unsolved. Neither the School Service Center nor the school team knows what caused the outbreak. “All protective measures are applied to the letter. The cleaning is done according to the recommendations of Public Health. We can not wait to understand, ”says Mr. Galvani.

Remember that classes were suspended Monday and Tuesday to allow all staff to go for screening tests. From tomorrow (Wednesday), lessons will resume in virtual format.

Cardinal-Roy school has just under 250 students and some 40 staff. The disinfection of all the premises was completed yesterday. The Chemin-du-Roy School Service Center has identified approximately 125 cases of COVID-19 since the start of the school year.