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Delivery of the Colosseum postponed by six weeks – l’ebdo journal

The TEQ Group, responsible for the construction of the new colosseum, informed the municipal authorities that it was once again postponing the provisional delivery of the building, this time by six weeks. This new postponement will not however prevent the opening of the new colosseum in the first quarter of 2021, says the City of Trois-Rivières.

The City demanded from the contractor a revised, robust and detailed new game plan, which includes measures to increase productivity on the job site. TEQ is therefore committed to working extra hard and employees will be called upon to work evenings and weekends so that the building is delivered according to the new deadlines.

At this stage, more than 85% of the work is completed. The City’s position with respect to the date of provisional acceptance will be inflexible and any further delay will be refused.

Note that despite the new report, the budget envelope is still respected.

Remember that the turnkey contract between the City and Groupe TEQ provides for liquidated damages of $ 5,000 per day of delay. In due course, a committee will assess the causes of the delays in order to attribute those attributable to the contractor.