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Driver runs over a bump, rammed a motorcyclist and flees

The white vehicle goes over the top and attacks the motorcyclist who is seriously injured. Photo: Video capture


Security cameras captured the moment in which a motorcyclist was run over by a white car that ran over a stop in the streets of the Magdalena Contreras mayor’s office.

The events occurred on Sunday, November 1, on Avenida San Jerónimo and Calle Dalia, in the El Toro neighborhood.

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In the images it can be seen that the motorcycle driver is calmly driving along the avenue and behind him a white car jumps over the top and attacks him.

In another of the recordings, it is observed that while the motorcyclist is lying on the ground, the motorist escapes from the place.

According to the reports, the person responsible had caused another accident meters back, from which he was also fleeing.

The motorcyclist is known to have suffered serious injuries.

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