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Due to massive events, bars and party room in Hidalgo are closed

A Halloween event and another one of wrestling, led to the closure of three bars and a party room for failing to comply with the allowed capacity and sanitary measures to avoid COVID-19 infections, after an operation carried out by municipal authorities in Tulancingo Hidalgo.

In joint actions, the municipalities of Tulancingo and Cuautepec carried out an operation in different bars in that area, where health regulations were not complied with to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In this way, places such as La Bandida, El Nido del Cuervo and Pragga, were closed, in the latter a wrestling event was held, an activity that is prohibited due to physical contact, in addition to the fact that there was an audience that did not keep the healthy distance.

Likewise, residents of the area denounced a Halloween event in the Jardines del Sur neighborhood, where 200 people were found inside a party room without any type of protection.

The Municipal Administration Council warned that there will be zero tolerance for those who put citizens at risk, because in Hidalgo there is a record of 15 thousand 21 positive contagion cases and 2 thousand 303 deaths from this disease.

Among the most affected municipalities are Pachuca with 3,317 cases and 338 deaths, Mineral de la Reforma with 1,517 and 121 deaths, as well as Tizayuca with 905 infections and 119 deaths and Tulancingo with 897 and 173 deaths.