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Eco-conscious Aleks Syntek

Syntek assures that he continues with his style despite the musical currents / Photos: Courtesy Consequences

His dislike for reggaeton and his disagreement with social networks such as Tik Tok are part of the controversies that Aleks Syntek has faced in his almost 30 years of experience. However, the singer-songwriter affirmed

Excelsior that your words have been taken out of context and that you made them out of concern as a parent.

Syntek, who released The Extinction of Species, the first single from his album Anatomy of Love, said that he has never been with the trend or fashion, because he has his way of creating.

I’ve always done things his way and style. It surprises me that people are surprised because I took out a danzón when no one was doing it; also disco music from the 70’s, with What you need, with my guests from La Carabina de Ambrosio in the video and then a music song for movies, Sex modesty and tears, when nobody was doing it. I’ve had my own way of surprising audiences with the crazy things that come to mind.

Again, I try to fight for something different through my new album and a song like Extinction of Species. Giving new messages is being very brave, because we are very few. For me it would be very easy to make music from ‘one step forward, one step back’ and it’s over, but I’m fighting for something more difficult like making the public reflect with interesting lyrics ”, said Aleks Syntek.

The singer pointed out that he knows the current importance of social networks, he only considers being alert to their high exposure to young people.

I am not against social media or Tik Tok. I saw the documentary The Social Media Dilemma, which I highly recommend, and I am concerned that the networks are causing a very strong addiction and obsession in young people. I have children and I speak for them and for the young. Parents have to be very alert because social networks, especially Tik Tok, are causing a lot of addiction.

I have seen it. My children connect there and are no longer there, they do not live together, they do not live and it causes them a lot of depression and anxiety because it is machine gun information, in which they are bombarded with information of ten seconds of a song, a joke or something crazy. It all becomes very trivial, banal and causes a lot of anxiety, because they don’t know what to believe, ”he declared.

The musician noted that throughout his career he has been misinterpreted with his comments.

Many people catch me as a bad wave because they are not understanding the message, because they say it differently. The same thing happens in social networks, they begin to create in their mind a bizarre Aleks Syntek or that is not the one they are used to listening to: a functional friend, with a family and who does not wish anyone ill ”, he explained.

This is how Syntek continues to raise his voice in what he believes and now he does so with a song born after the reflection on the pandemic in the face of covid-19, the destruction of natural resources and the changes experienced by humanity such as The extinction of the species, which has more than 12 thousand views on its YouTube channel.

With this theme he takes up the unpublished songs after his album Romántico Slip (2014) and Trasatlántico (2017), in which he made a tribute to Spanish music from the 80s.

It is a song of reflection about what we are experiencing. The quarantine, as human beings, has forced us to stop and ask ourselves where we are and where we are going not only as humanity, but individually. How are we helping to prevent further damage to the planet, the ozone layer, the extinction of animal species? What is happening with all the garbage and with everything that we are creating as this excessive consumerism?

You have to raise your voice because many of the industries lack responsibility in the sense that they put money above the common good. That is thundering the planet. With money we will not cover the ozone layer or return animal species or natural resources such as water. I decided to make a very catchy rhythm, a very pop song, but that has a message with content and that makes people think, “he said.

The 51-year-old born in Yucatan stressed that he considers himself a lucky person in these times because he is used to doing “creative quarantines”.

Musicians are more trained to lock ourselves in a recording studio and not go out for a long time. On that side, confinement has not been so difficult. On the other hand, I am fortunate to have a very functional family, I have been married for 20 years, I have two beautiful children, my 14-year-old daughter, my 11-year-old son, who are doing their school online.

Purposefully, I find it very nice to be close to them, whom I have at home, I live with them a lot, I help them with their homework and work. I am closer to my wife (Karen Coronado) than ever. There is a very good family relationship. I know that is not the case for everyone, so I feel very lucky, because I have managed to forge a functional family and I am very happy with them. We have taken great care of ourselves, we do not want to get sick and I am terribly sorry for the deaths and everything that is affecting us. I am not strangers or skeptical, it is a fortune that until now we have been safe ”, related Raúl Alejandro Escajadillo Peña, real name of Aleks Syntek.

He revealed that Anatomy of Love, which he releases independently, will premiere until February, but will show his songs little by little.

You have to adapt. In the networks I try that my information is not trivial or banal, but that they are focused on music, singing to them and teaching them how to play my songs, to do duets with me.

Regarding the concerts, I am seeing if it is possible for December or early 2021 to achieve a hybrid concert, where people can see it in person, even if it is by small groups of people in corralitos.

I believe more in this trend than in self-concerts, because at the auditory level these can have their flaws. I do not criticize them, you just have to adapt to what may exist ”, he concluded.


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