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‘El Bronco’ assures that Federalist Alliance ‘does not seek to confront’

In agreement with his counterparts in the Federalist Alliance, the governor of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, pointed out that the objective of the group of 10 state leaders is not to divide or confront.

“What we seek is to defend what each state and its citizens deserve,” said “El Bronco.”

Through his social networks, Rodríguez Calderón stated that “it is not about demanding more, it is about demanding only what corresponds to us.”

And he stated: “We do not want other states to be taken away or left in oblivion; we seek a new 2021 budget that benefits all of us. Nuevo León demands what is fair, no less than what we have today. 2 / 2 # ClosingFilasPorMéxico “.

The governor insisted that no state in the country should receive fewer resources in real terms than in 2020.

“It is clear that 2021 will be a complicated year; having the resources from the Federation for the states will make it possible to meet the priority needs of the population,” he said.

He commented that, like the other nine governors of the Federalist Alliance, he sent a letter to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday, where they raised the need to focus on the budget project for next year.

In their letters, he explained, the governors proposed to the president a series of actions that includes making the geographical distribution of pending resources (INSABI, SCT) and guaranteeing the inclusion of specific infrastructure projects that have an impact of economic reactivation in the states.

They also proposed creating a stabilization fund in the event that the goal of the Participable Federal Revenue is not reached and a fund for emergency health care COVID-19, through which to compensate the impact that the expenses due to the pandemic had on the state finances.

“El Bronco” received the support of his fans. Some asked him to go further and that the next step is to separate Nuevo León from the federation, since the president will not take them into account, or that the resources that are generated in the state are not sent to the Federation.

But there were also those who reproached him for “dividing” the country.

“We also demand the right thing, that you get to work, not wasting time with your meetings, first fix the problems here in Nuevo León,” they responded.

Another person said to him: “Engineer, have you asked the people if they want to be in that federalist union?” while a user named Alejandro Carcaño commented: “You had five years to demand and do you just remember until now? That is called cynicism and dementia. Besides, that’s what the federal deputies are for. It seems that you don’t know the law. And what about the works and security? Okay, thanks. “