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How many holidays in Mexico do you have until 2020?

The Federal Labor Law, in its article 74, establishes the mandatory rest days for Mexican workers and although the year is about to end, Mexicans still have some days off, here we tell you what they are.

How many holidays are left in 2020?

1. Monday, November 16, in commemoration of the beginning of the Revolution.

2. Saturday, December 12, the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

3. Friday, December 25, in commemoration of Christmas.

Holidays in Mexico. In its article 74, the Federal Labor Law states that the following dates are mandatory rest days:

1. January 1st.

2. The first Monday of February in commemoration of February 5.

3. The third Monday in March in commemoration of March 21.

4. On May 1st.

5. September 16.

6. The third Monday of November in commemoration of November 20.

7. On December 1 of every six years, when it corresponds to the transmission of the Federal Executive Power.

8. On December 25.

9. That determined by federal and local electoral laws, in the case of ordinary elections, to carry out the electoral day.

What if I have to work on holidays?

In Mexico, holidays are mandatory rest days, so you should not work, however, if the company where you work asks you to work on a holiday, it must pay you your salary for the day, plus double your salary.

For example, if you earn $ 500 pesos a day and work on a holiday, in the end you should receive $ 1,500.

This is established in article 75 of the Federal Labor Law:

“In the cases of the previous article, the workers and employers will determine the number of workers who must provide their services. If an agreement is not reached, the Permanent Conciliation Board will resolve or, failing that, the Conciliation and Arbitration Board.

“The workers will be obliged to provide the services and will have the right to be paid, regardless of the salary that corresponds to them for the compulsory rest, a double salary for the service rendered.”

What do I do if my work does not pay me extra for working on holidays?

If your work does not pay you what corresponds, you can go to the corresponding authorities.

You can call the Federal Labor Defense Attorney at 800 717 2942. You can also send an email to [email protected], where you will receive guidance for free.