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“I am the real criminal”: a murderer confesses 14 deaths to a man convicted of one of them

Dressed in a blue prison uniform, Lee Chun-jae confessed in court on Monday to be the serial killer who for years sowed terror in Hwaseong, a rural region south of Seoul. But he has not done so in a trial where he was tried, but instead appeared as a witness in a new trial to another man who was convicted of one of those crimes. “I am the real criminal,” Lee assured the judge. He and no one else is guilty of the deaths of 14 people (women and girls) and thirty sexual crimes, pick up the Yonhap agency.

An investigation based on genetic tests revealed last year already pointed to the relationship of Lee, 57, with at least three murders. All these years have gone unpunished. He is serving a life sentence, but for another crime: the rape and murder of his sister-in-law in 1994. Ten of the cases in which he has self-incriminated, now publicly, occurred in Hwaseong, south of Seoul, between 1986 and 1991 .

A little over a year ago, Lee confessed to the crimes to the police, including one for which another man, 53 years old and whose last name has only been revealed, Yoon, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1989. The novelty is that he has now declared him in court and has provided his testimony to exonerate of guilt who considers innocent.

“Someone told me that they had arrested a person with a disability, but I did not know for which of the crimes because I have committed many,” Lee said, picks up CNN. Yoon, an uneducated man who suffers from polio, sHe always maintained that the police had forced him to declare after torturing him. A police chief admitted last July that in the initial investigation, in 1989, officers coerced him to sign a false confession.

“I sincerely apologize to Yoon, who was falsely accused of a murder that I committed and who served a jail sentence for it,” said Lee, while the aforementioned watched him calmly from the dock. Lee was referring to the life sentence Yoon was sentenced to for the murder of a 13-year-old girl in 1988. He spent 20 years behind bars until he was released on parole in 2009. A year ago, when he learned that Lee had been released. Indicted before the police, the man requested that his case be reopened and that he be tried again in light of the new facts. In that new hearing is the one that Lee has attended as a witness this Monday.

“I did not think that crimes would be buried forever,” said the killer in court in Suwon City. “I did not try to hide [las pruebas] and I thought they would catch me easily. ”He also assured that he still did not understand why he was never on the suspect list.

Lee will not be prosecuted for prescribed cases. Asked why he committed the murders that the director of Parasites, Bong Joon Ho, addressed in his movie Memories of a murderer, Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Festival in 2003, attributed them to impulsive acts. “I neither planned nor prepared the crimes,” he said. “I wish the victims an eternal rest and I apologize to the grieving families and to all those involved in these cases,” he told the judge. “I have come, testified, and described the crimes in the hope that they will find some comfort in knowing the truth. I will live the rest of my life repenting.”