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Interjet employees block Interior Circuit


Unionized workers of the aviation company Interjet of section XV of the Union of the Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM), demonstrate in front of the corporate aviation company to demand the payment of salaries and benefits that for more than two months have not received.

The employees of the different areas met at 9 in the morning in front of the Building located at the International Airport of Mexico City, where after not receiving a response from their authorities, they decided to block the road of the Interior Circuit .

“There are colleagues who already have four months who do not pay their salary, others who have two, what we demand is fair, but they leave us no other option (…) we are five thousand employees who depend on this large company and we are not fought with them “detailed one of the affected employees.

After the protest, the union leaders were received by company officials to try to solve the problem, however, they mention that the blockade will remain until they get a favorable response.

Personnel from the Secretariat of Citizen Security channels motorists through alternative roads, however, there are already two road problems that also affect hundreds of users of T1 of the AICM who have scheduled flights.

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