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IPAB gives option for Famsa clients

The Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB) expanded the forms of payment for Banco Ahorro Famsa customers, four months after the bank’s liquidation was declared, which include the issuance of checks in branches of BBVA México in the event of amounts that do not exceed 400 thousand Udis, that is, 2.6 million pesos, as well as bank transfers.

In the Official Gazette of the Federation, IPAB explained that account holders with resources that exceed 9 thousand pesos and up to 2.6 million pesos, may receive a payment order in the IPAB Payment Portal (https: // apps / PCOP), and they must go to any BBVA branch with their printed payment order, valid voting credential and photocopy, to dispose of the corresponding deposits, by cashier’s check, to pay into account of the beneficiary and not negotiable.

IPAB added that Banco Ahorro Famsa customers, regardless of the amount of their deposits in the entity, with a limit of 2.6 million pesos, can be paid by electronic transfer to a multiple banking institution, when it is not possible to make the payment as established.