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Landau considers it ‘natural’ that US elections generate expectation in Mexico

The United States ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, considered it natural that the elections in his country generate expectations in Mexican territory, since what happens in one of the nations impacts the other.

In a special broadcast carried out by the United States embassy in Mexico, through its social networks, on the occasion of the electoral process that is taking place this Tuesday in the American Union, the American diplomat stressed that beyond the result of the elections, the two nations will continue to work together.

“Because the ties that unite us are strong and resilient, both in our governments and between our societies,” he mentioned. The future of the two countries, he added, is intertwined.

Christopher Landau recalled that in addition to electing president and vice president in the United States, the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate are renewed.

In addition, 11 states and two territories will elect their governors.