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Magda, the professional

November 03, 2020

Rarely have I seen a woman as committed as Magda Rodríguez. Did I say few? I think I never had to meet someone for whom he did not, simply and simply did not exist. She woke up thinking about television content and fell asleep to continue dreaming about how to keep and increase audiences. He was a lover of numbers, of ratings, of doing unimaginable things, some very crazy, but always with quality.

The production company never stopped smiling, despite the fact that sometimes the situations were complicated and the criticisms harsh, often bordering on abuse, especially by the digital media, which spoke ill of their programs and their physical, as if the rest of us were not full of defects and not to mention that they, in addition to the defects, do not have and will not have her creativity or the professional quality of Magda.

He died of hypovolemic shock and bleeding from the digestive tract which, according to those who know, could have been caused by an internal ulcer that started to bleed. Magda passed out from the loss of blood and eventually died. As they say, at 8:30 in the morning the lady who helped him with the domestic service brought him a juice and Magda told him to wake her up at 11:00. His daughter started calling him and he did not answer the phone, which is why he called the lady of the service and asked her to pick up her mother, but when she entered the room she found her passed out. Then both the daughter and the sister ran to the house and when Magda arrived she was already dead.

Because of my work, I have been to many celebrity wakes, some massive, like José José or Juan Gabriel; others very sensitive, like that of Ernesto Alonso, and some others more discreet. But the expressions of affection and respect that the artistic and journalistic medium gave to Magda Rodríguez were something unique and unrepeatable. I saw many flower crowns of any number of personalities and that speaks only of one thing, that beyond the fact that it was the producer of the morning show Hoy, we are talking about a lady who was sowing cordiality, affection and love as she passed through the life and throughout your work.