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Maradona is not in critical condition


Diego Armando Maradona He was admitted to the Ipensa clinic in La Plata, a city an hour south of downtown Buenos Aires, due to a “low mood that affected his diet, he is anemic and dehydrated, but not in critical condition or anything like that”, so he made it known Leopoldo Luque, personal medical technician.

You are anemic and dehydrated. You have to correct that and keep improving. The idea is to improve as much as possible. We need more time, “said the specialist and neurosurgeon.

The doctor mentioned that ‘El Pelusa’ spent the night well, is feeling better and ruled out that he had been admitted as an emergency.

Luque pointed out that, looking good, Maradona wants to leave the clinic.

“We joke around and walk into the clinic. The evolution has been as we wanted. He is conscious, ”he said.

The world champion with the Argentine national team in 1986 attended last Friday a tribute for his 60th birthday held at the gymnastics stadium, but he left the place due to health problems and left the team under the guidance of his assistants.