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Millionaire scam to doctor who paid for supposed ‘Aladdin lamp’

Under the promise of giving him fortune and health, a man bought the ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ for 7 million rupees, that is, 343 million Colombian pesos at the current exchange rate.

The victim, who was identified as Dr. Laeek Khan, reported the incident to the police in the city of Meerut, in Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India.

The doctor argued that the contraption was not magical as promised, much less conjured the genius of ‘Aladdin’, popularized in the short story version of ‘The Thousand and One Nights’ made by the Frenchman Antoine Galland.

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Three people were charged for the crime, two of whom are under arrest. The third, the wife of one of those captured, is a fugitive, reported Indian media.

Khan had met two of the alleged scammers months ago when he began to visit the house where they resided together with his alleged mother, who needed medical attention at home, reads the doctor’s complaint, which was known by the television network Ndtv ‘.

The relationship between Khan and those targeted grew stronger after they began to talk to him about a ‘baba’ who had been visiting them, he said in reference to an occultist.

They started to wash my head so that I could meet this’ baba‘”Khan said in the statement.

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In the end, they ended up convincing him to meet the occultist, who was actually a man in disguise. Ignoring reality, Khan witnessed the subject invoke a ‘jinn’ (genius), a role played by one of the scammers.

Dazzled, the doctor wanted to get closer to see the genie up close. The phonies stopped him with the excuse that he might get hurt.

It was then that they agreed to give him the magic object for several million rupees, Amit Rai, identified by that means as a “superior officer” of the Police, explained to ‘AFP’.

Rai clarified that “the same men had also scammed other families using the same modus operandi. The total amount of money involved is several million rupees. “

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