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Oscar Yasser Noriega ‘Akira’ dies, also due to covid

The covid also takes Oscar Yasser Noriega ‘Akira’, a very important figure in the video game media in our country.


One of the most emblematic gaming journalists, could not resist the fight against covid-19 and died from the coronavirus, Oscar Yasser Noriega, known as Akira, died this Monday, according to what his own wife reported.

“Today my husband @akirareiko passed away from covid-19. We did everything we could to save his life. Óscar is my best friend and my everything. Óscar had a life full of great friends and a lot of happiness. We thank all of them for showing their affection. “

In social networks, his followers lamented the loss:

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend Oscar Yasser, better known in the industry as @akirareiko, our deepest condolences to his entire family and we regret the loss of a pioneer of this industry that we love so much.

Oscar Yasser was the founder of Atomix and multiple projects related to the video game industry in Mexico and Japan.

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