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Police station in Brossard: “We don’t want to be an exception,” says Doreen Assaad –

Considering it “unacceptable” to be the only city of more than 50,000 inhabitants in the province not to be able to count on a police service point, Brossard demands to once again have a police station on its territory.

This is the number one element that emerges from the brief that the City will present during the consultations following the filing of the green paper. Police reality in Quebec, modernity, confidence and efficiency.

“For us, it’s something that is synonymous with the proximity of the police to the citizens,” explains Mayor Doreen Assaad, in an interview with the Southern Mail. It will improve police response time and Brossard residents’ sense of security. ”

According to the City’s brief, citizens have clearly indicated on numerous occasions that they want more tangible, more visible and more engaged police coverage in the community.

Do better

The Longueuil agglomeration police department currently has an investigation center located on boul. Cousineau, in the arr. de Saint-Hubert, as well as two police stations: one on boul. Curé-Poirier Ouest, in the arr. du Vieux-Longueuil, and the other on Leckie Street, in the arr. of Saint-Hubert. It is the latter, located about fifteen kilometers from Brossard, which mainly serves the city.

“The objective of our memory is not to identify a deficiency; what we are currently experiencing, it works, assures the mayoress. But is it perfect from the citizens’ point of view? We can look into what could be done better. ”

Soon 100,000 residents

For Doreen Assaad, the sustained growth of Brossard in recent years and that anticipated for the years to come make clear the need for a physical place for public safety in the territory.

“We will cross the 100,000 inhabitants mark at the latest in 5 years, and we have three REM stations which will open shortly,” recalls the mayor.

The City’s brief also highlights the recent opening of the Samuel-De Champlain bridge, the project to widen Autoroute 30, the creation of TOD areas, the presence of more than 350 businesses in Quartier DIX30 and the explosion the number of housing units as proof of the effervescence of Brossard.

“There is a correlation with the need for a police presence,” continues the mayor. And by police presence, we are not just talking about patrolling police; citizens must have easy access to agents. ”

“Without going towards the model of the past, Brossard must be able to count on a concrete physical presence on its territory, whether in the form of a police station, a neighborhood station or some other form of foothold. Earth.”

“Can we finally discuss the possibility?” This is what is at stake above all. “

– Doreen Assaad

No specific location has been identified by the City for the siting of such a building.

3 issues, 10 recommendations

In addition to the demand for an increased police presence on the territory, the brief of Brossard joins the elements contained in that of the City of Longueuil.

Broken down into three issues bringing together ten recommendations, Brossard’s demands aim, among other things, to transform police services towards a concerted police force that is closer to the reality of citizens, as well as better accountability and equitable funding of police services.

Neither yes nor no, says the SPAL

Questioned by the daily Press on the possibility of establishing a police station on the territory of Brossard, the director of the SPAL Fady Dagher replied that “it is not a yes, it is not a no”.

Stressing that the SPAL had no particular security issue in Brossard, the chief assured that the level of service was the same for all residents of the agglomeration and that the response time for the most urgent calls was from 2 to 3 minutes everywhere on the territory.

The director of the SPAL should soon meet with elected officials from Brossard to discuss the matter.