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Second wave of covid-19 challenges Europe

As of yesterday, restaurants, bars and other businesses must close as part of the measures to contain the outbreak of coronavirus in Germany / Photo: AP


Starting this week, countries in Europe tighten their restrictions on mobility as they face the second wave of coronavirus.

Germany ordered a series of closures from yesterday until the end of the month.

The Germans will not be confined to their homes. However, bars, cafes and restaurants must close, as well as theaters, operas and cinemas.

In the United Kingdom, the country facing the highest death toll in Europe, with 46,853, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a reconfinement from next Thursday until December 2.

For its part, Portugal will apply a new confinement in 70% of the country starting tomorrow, when a state of health emergency comes into force in order to apply more restrictive measures.

In Belgium, the government decided on a more severe lockdown for six weeks. All non-essential businesses have been closed since yesterday and companies are required to carry out remote work.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo indicated that only one person may be invited to the home.

Italy, the first country on the continent to impose a lockdown during the first wave, is also preparing to communicate new restrictions.

France decreed a new confinement, which will come into effect from next Friday until at least December 1, given the worsening of the health situation.

It is very difficult to predict how long the second wave will last, since it depends on the virus, its climatic environment, the measures that will be taken to limit the circulation of the virus, its acceptance and therefore its impact, “wrote the scientific council from the country.

In the continent, 282 thousand 252 people have died, according to the count prepared by the AFP agency.

The region is below Latin America, where 403 thousand people have died.

In this context, the scientific council that guides the French government in managing the pandemic warned that this second wave in the region may not be the last.

Several successive waves can be feared during the end of winter and in the next spring of 2021, depending on the climate and the level and effectiveness of the strategies for testing, tracking and isolating positive cases, ”said the agency.

Worldwide, there are already more than 46.6 million confirmed cases since the virus appeared in late 2019 in China. Additionally, at least 1.2 million people have died, according to an AFP tally.


Added to the health emergency is the discontent of the population.

Small traders in France have complained that they are being forced to close while supermarkets can sell non-essential products like shoes, clothes, beauty products and flowers because they also sell food.

Given that, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that store owners cannot defy government shutdown rules.

Furthermore, last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized populists who argue that the coronavirus is harmless.

We are in a dramatic situation at the beginning of the cold season. It affects us all, without exception, ”Merkel told the lower house of Parliament.

Merkel added that the new restrictions to reduce social contact were “necessary and proportionate” with the situation in the region.


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