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Sheinbaum trusts that soon it will restart the bridge work in Peripheral


The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, trusted that with the information that has been delivered to the judge who is handling the case, they will soon be able to restart work on the Periférico-Cuemanco Bridge work.

At a press conference he reiterated that this is a construction that will solve mobility in the eastern area of ​​the capital and that it will not affect the ecosystem of the place.

“It is not supported by private transport but mainly in a very important way also by public transport, it gives mobility to the most isolated part of the city, which is precisely the East Zone, both Tláhuac, Xochimilco and Iztapalapa, it is a very important for mobility ”, he mentioned.

Sheinbaum Pardo argued that after it was declared by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity, Xochimilco has a historic investment for the recovery of its canals, its wetlands and its lakes.

He explained that the artificial wetland that is located in the central ridge and that was built in 1990, will be rehabilitated and will connect with other wetlands, in addition to recovering different species in the area.

It is not being ruined and everything legal will be answered. We are convinced that it is a work of benefit for citizens and that, on the contrary, we are working in a very important way in the environmental rescue of Mexico City. Today, the city has, only for the conservation land, a historical investment of one billion pesos; We have a historic investment in green areas, and in the recovery of the city’s water bodies of around another billion pesos. Then, the entire legal part will be answered. And of the bridge, we are convinced that it will be carried out, “he added.

The capital president mentioned that those who oppose this construction are a minor group that does not have enough information, for which she said, they are invited to know everything that is done in Xochimilco for the benefit of its inhabitants and the capital residents usually.

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