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Still a significant number of cases in Montérégie, worries Christian Dubé –

With a daily toll of around 1,000 cases, there has been some stability for five weeks in Quebec. However, some areas have improved while others have deteriorated. The north of Lanaudière and Saguenay-Lac St-Jean fall into this second category. In Montérégie, the number of cases remains a concern for the government.

In Montérégie, there are 151 new positive cases as of November 2, and 173 new cases as of November 1.

“The Montérégie is an important part of our cases. The Montérégie and the north of Lanaudière…, identified the Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dubé, at a press conference on November 3. If we were able, in the next two weeks, to improve these two regions, all of greater Montreal could benefit. ”

Because the situation in Montreal tends to stabilize, even to decrease, to such an extent that the possibility that the MWC will pass from the red zone to the orange zone is not completely ruled out. The national director of public health Horacio Arruda was still very cautious. “In urban areas, when there is movement, it accelerates quickly. These will remain areas to be watched very closely. ”

Prime Minister François Legault was also encouraging, while the death toll of 61 deaths per million inhabitants in Quebec since the 1er September is doing better than in other countries. This record is 77 in the United Kingdom, 98 in France and 145 in the United States. Germany, however, is doing better than Quebec.

“We must remain cautious, and we are not immune to an explosion as we see in other countries,” added Mr. Legault. Our health care system is holding up, so that’s good news. ”

The government feared that with maintaining 1,000 cases per day, the number of hospitalizations would increase, which did not happen. “This is good news”, also expressed the Prime Minister.

As of today, there are 526 hospitalizations (+27).

In terms of deaths, Christian Dubé confirmed an upward trend. The average is 20 deaths per day; a direct impact of the thousand additional cases on a daily basis.

Discussion with Macron

François Legault had a private discussion today with French President Emmanuel Macron. Among other things, the recent terrorist attacks in France were discussed.

Mr. Legault assured his counterpart of the need to protect freedom of expression. “Political leaders fear terrorism and faced with the blackmail of radical groups, they are ready to make accommodations that are not reasonable,” he said, attacking the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau by the gang.

The latter expressed on this issue that there are limits to freedom of expression, referring to the cartoons of Muhammad, which has earned him many criticisms.

“I do not agree with Justin Trudeau’s reservations when it comes to condemning what happened in France”, clearly added Mr. Legault.

About the United States

Called to vote on the US presidential election, Mr. Legault refrained from saying to whom, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, he would support.

However, he said he was worried about public transport tenders, for example, which require 70% American content. “With the agreement that Europe is in the process of ratifying with us, we have a maximum of 25% that we are able to demand. There is an injustice. Quebec should be included in the 70% American content. ”

François Legault intends to continue to maintain links with states with which relations are already good, “to fight against exaggerated protectionism”.