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That’s how they stole bags, wallets in restaurants … do you recognize them?


A couple of subjects who pretended to be a customer like anyone, entered restaurants or cafes to ask for a price or look at the menu. They said they would come back later and leave. The reality is that it was a distraction to steal something from the customers in the businesses of Zona Rosa, the Juárez neighborhood, La Condesa, La Roma, Polanco.

This weekend, agents of the Capital Police, from the Ángel-Zona Rosa Sector, discovered them after one of their robberies. They were chased when trying to escape and detained.

Reports from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) indicate that the last robbery of this pair of thieves happened on Saturday afternoon at the Ramen Hankki restaurant located on the corner of Río Pánuco and Rio Ebro streets in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood.

At 4:45 p.m. one of them entered the business, while his accomplice was waiting for him in a car parked on the street.

The man who entered noticed that a woman had left her purse hanging on the back of a chair.

With the argument that he wanted to ask something from the menu, the subject went to the checkout area and then left there. This is how he stole the bag in which there was a telephone, a wallet with identifications and 3,000 pesos in cash.

A camera captured what he did: when he was about to leave, he took off the jacket he was wearing, and in a quick movement took the bag hiding it with that jacket. In seconds it was out.

Antai Rames Stevens did not know what happened. When he realized his bag was gone. The first thing he did was ask the police for help.

When the Angel Sector agents arrived at the scene, they asked the manager to let him check the cameras. Thus they observed the way in which the thief acted.

The uniformed officers checked more cameras and noticed that the man had gotten out and got into a car. Versa color chalk plates NFH-7225.

The elements of the sector were immediately coordinated. They broadcast the license plate and model number of the car, and asked for support from the City Monitoring Center.

The policemen located the car in its escape and managed to reach it to the Historic Center. It was at the crossroads by Revillagigedo and Victoria where they detained him.

Thus were Carlos S M of 70 years and José L C, 59, carried the purse and the stolen things. The two were arrested and presented to the Public Ministry of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Cuauhtémoc.

If you recognize them and you were a victim of their crimes, report them!

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