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The retiree who wanted to return to deal with the pandemic


When the covid-19 pandemic began, Félix Norberto Sánchez Granados, a retired IMSS doctor, was determined to put on his white coat again to face the new coronavirus, but his daughter Wendy begged him not to do so because she feared she could catch it . In his own way, he resigned himself.

Seven years ago, Dr. Sánchez Granados retired from Social Security. For years he was director of various Family Medicine Units of the institution, also worked at ISSSTE and was a teacher at UNAM.

Now at 69 years old, he was dedicated to the application of ozone therapy. He traveled to rural communities to apply this type of alternative medicine to older adults and did not charge for it. In the end, he never stopped consulting.

That was how they think it was infected; applying ozone to a patient who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

When he went to check on him, Wendy, the only one of his three children who was inclined to medicine and who promised to represent him on the battlefront, found him in very poor condition and took him immediately to La Raza hospital.

The doctor was overcome by fear and decided to escape. A day later he had to return. He could hardly walk, he had a high fever, he was pale, he staggered from one side to the other, and he only said to Wendy: ʻI’m fine little girl. I’m fine. It was the last time he saw her because at that time there were still no video calls. Ten days after being intubated he died.

Felix was a hard-working and decisive man. Since they had the use of reason, his children remember him helping and solving the problems of his patients and workers in charge. He loved to tell jokes. He was the oldest of six siblings, who saw him as a father, and he already had three grandchildren.

His family could not perform any ritual for him, there was no vigil, no novenaries, nor did he have a tribute. His ashes were delivered on the street.

But this November 2, he is the protagonist of the offering of his daughter Wendy, who gave him the bread of the dead made in Iztapalapa that he liked so much.