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The US limits the battlefield; elect president today

Manuel Ocaño / Correspondent


As the campaigns advanced and with the votes advanced, the possibility of not knowing today the results of the presidential elections in the United States grows.

The factor that may slow things down this year is that millions of Americans chose to vote by mail rather than risk contracting the coronavirus at a polling place.

At yesterday’s count, 98 million 600 thousand people had voted in advance, reported the National Electoral Registry Project.

The voters who voted until yesterday are equivalent to 70 percent of the voters who participated in the previous presidential elections, in 2016.

According to the Electoral Project, among those who have already voted by mail until today, approximately 45 percent had registered as Democrats, 30 percent as Republicans and the remaining 25 percent as independent.

I think it is terrible that we cannot know the results of an election on election night. I think it’s a terrible thing when states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long time after the election is over, ”Trump said last Sunday.

According to the Univision network, each state establishes its own parameters for counting votes.

The case of Ohio stands out, where they continue to count ballots until ten days after November 3. And in Minnesota, officials continue to count up to seven days after Election Day.

While Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona finish processing the vote on Election Day.

Poll workers must remove ballots from their envelopes, check for errors, sort and flatten them – all before they can go through scanners the moment the polls close and are tabulated.

The election will end until all the votes are counted, “said yesterday the former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who will be part of the Electoral Council in New York, through her Twitter account.

biden trump elecciones

Joe Biden was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a key entity for the day today


The presidential election is going to be defined in the states considered to be changing or pendulum (swing states), which can be tilted by the Democratic candidate as well as by the Republican.

The six battle states together count for 100 of the 270 electoral votes that any candidate needs to win the presidency.

They are Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Of all of them, Pennsylvania is the most contested because with 20 electoral votes it can determine the presidency.

This is why in recent weeks, the presidential candidates focused their campaign events on that entity.

Pennsylvania had supported the Democrats for decades, but in 2016 it gave the victory to Donald Trump with 44,000 votes over Clinton.

According to polls, the Democratic candidate leads Trump in the state by 49.8 percent against 45.5 percent. However, the gap matches the margin of error for most surveys.

After the experience with the 2016 polls, the Democrats are fighting for that entity to once again have a majority blue electorate.

biden trump elecciones1 0

Donald Trump led a rally in Avoca, in the same state

Pennsylvania will count mail-in ballots after the election, which could take several days.

In Florida, with 29 electoral votes, Biden led Trump by just one point on Monday, 48.1 to 47.1.

In Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes, Biden also leads by one point, 47.6 to 46.6 percent.

For his part, in North Carolina, with 15 electoral votes, Trump surpassed this Monday, with just six tenths of a point, 47.8 against 47.2 percent.

In Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes, Biden led 50.7 to 44.1 percent.

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