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They arrest a subject who extorted federal officials

Federal authorities reported on Tuesday the arrest of a man who allegedly extorted high-level federal government officials to obtain resources illegally.

The detainee, Armando “N”, was in charge of extorting members of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, according to federal sources. The arrest was made as a result of an investigation by the National Guard.

The detainee posed as a high-level federal government official to “try to get million-dollar contracts,” the document describes.

In recent days, Alfonso Romo, head of the Office of the Presidency, denounced that third parties have impersonated him, as well as members of his work team, to extort and request monetary or in-kind contributions in exchange for various purposes , for which legal actions were initiated.

Armando “N” is also accused of laundering money and evading the payment of taxes, especially in the entities of Puebla, State of Mexico and Mexico City.

“It is known that he is part of a group of organized crime, whose purpose is to cause fraud and damage the country’s treasury,” according to the document in which Alejandro “N” is mentioned as his accomplice.

The detainee is described as violent and accompanied by armed people. After the arrest, his accounts were frozen by the Financial Investigations Unit (UIF). His accomplice was singled out in 2018 for following a similar scheme of action through telephone extortion of officials.