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They plan to close beaches and bars due to an increase in COVID in Guerrero

Given the increase in the contagion of COVID-19, the authorities in Guerrero plan to close beaches and bars during November to “save” the December holiday season.

The mayor of Acapulco, Adela Román Ocampo, proposed the closure of beaches to mitigate infections after the Day of the Dead bridge.

While the governor, Héctor Astudillo Flores, announced that they are working on a plan to close bars and nightclubs.

In a statement, Román Ocampo said that after the “intense mobility” that takes place on weekends due to the arrival of tourists, cases of coronavirus are increasing.

He regretted that tourists arriving at the port refuse to comply with sanitary measures such as the use of face masks and the healthy distance to avoid infections.

“I personally would have the idea of ​​closing the beaches for the remainder of November so that there is a mitigation of contagion, and in December we can happily say: come tourists, but with these measures. And be strict, as strict as possible, “said Román Ocampo.

The mayor informed that the proposal to close the beaches during November will be planted in the Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace, where authorities from the three levels of government participate.

Just on Saturday, police and soldiers of the National Guard dispersed a Halloween party in the Condesa neighborhood in Acapulco, where some 300 young people participated.

Acapulco, since the pandemic began, is the municipality with the greatest impact from COVID-19: it accumulates about 9,879 infections and almost 1,100 deaths.

It has also been the municipality where the economic impact has been greatest due to the closure of beaches for other recreational activities that lasted three months.

For his part, the governor reported that he will conduct a consultation to find out if the population agrees to toughen sanitary measures to prevent further infections.

In the daily report on the pandemic in Guerrero, Astudillo Flores said that they are “fine-tuning” the closure of “nightlife” in the cities with the greatest contagion.

He said he met with the mayors of those cities to plan the restrictive measures.

He indicated that these measures are to reduce infections and in December the main tourist destinations can receive tourists.