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They rule out that NL can transfer medicines to other states

the deputy director of the Metropolitan Hospital of NL, Amalia Becerra, in a conference. Image: ABC newspaper


The Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Hospital, Amalia Becerra explained that, although there is no drug crisis in Nuevo León to treat covid, they could not be transferred to other states.

Becerra did not rule out that the Ministry of Health could help other entities, but said that there is a large reserve of sedative drugs.

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These drugs are the most widely used in the pandemic to treat patients who are intubated.

“Those that were kept in reserve were over, they have had to make extraordinary efforts by the government to buy new ones,” said Becerra.

He explained that the situation that is replicated in various states is practically all over the world.

Well, more and more countries have a greater number of intubated patients who need to be connected to a ventilator.

He added that Nuevo León could participate in a future drug exchange, but first they would have to analyze by quantities to see how much they can provide.

To date, in the state of 1,265 patients admitted to hospitals, 309 of them are connected to a respirator.

He called on the inhabitants of the state not to miss any respiratory discomfort, as he commented that many of the patients who are connected today are due to late arrival at the hospitals.

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