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Three additional pedagogical days denounced by the Union of support employees of the Mauricie – L’

The Mauricie Support Employees Union (SESM-CSQ) cannot digest the decision of the Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge to add three pedagogical days for teachers, to the detriment of daycare personnel.

Nearly fifty demonstrators were in front of the offices of the member for Laviolette-Saint-Maurice Marie-Louise Tardif in Shawinigan to express their dissatisfaction. A demonstration was also held in La Tuque, in the afternoon, the delegation will visit Saint-Tite before in office Sonia Lebel, MP for Champlain.

Although this decision is beneficial for teachers, it will have huge implications for staff in childcare. Already overburdened, understaffed and in a state of extreme fatigue, the staff sees its task even to rise more with this ad argues the union which is affiliated to the Federation of school support staff.

“We are demonstrating in various places in Mauricie in connection with the addition of the three pedagogical days announced by Minister Roberge. Our daycare services are already having difficulty managing the bubble-class ratios, so we are adding three days where it will be free for students going to school. This is unacceptable and it is an impossible workload for our educators. They have difficulty doing their day and we add 10 consecutive hours. They will fall exhausted, “says Mathieu Laforme, president of SESM-CSQ.

“I understand that teachers need training and rest, but so do our daycare services. Since the beginning of March the childcare is enlisted to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the minister Roberge is headed and does not discuss with the unions. He does not ask questions to people from the middle and hit a fait accompli. We will meet with Ms. Tardif to tell her about our dissatisfaction, ”he adds.

The national president, Éric Pronovost FPSS-CSQ goes even further.

“Not only is there no discussion with Minister Roberge, but we learned about it at the same time as everyone else last Thursday on the news wire. Employees have been present since March 13 in emergency child care, these people are exhausted, the pandemic has added to the heaviness of the labor shortage which has not been resolved. Even before trading in 2015 there was talk of labor shortages and add the winning conditions. This is not because we have a teacher as Education Minister that ensures a good education in Quebec. We tell Mr. Roberge to put on his mask, put on his visor, and come and see what is happening on the ground, ”he pleads.

“In April, we filed our recommendations for the school year in September, and it remained a dead letter. People are exhausted on the field and it has to stop. Thank you to the professionalism of all the support staff. These people hold the whole system at arm’s length despite everything. They are left to their own devices and must organize themselves with all the measures in place, ”concludes Mr. Pronovost.

Throughout the week, events will take place in different regions by unions to denounce the situation.