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Trump or Biden? Voting begins in the US under maximum tension


The voting centers opened this tuesday in New York at 06:00 local time (11:00 GMT) for US presidential elections, as well as at points of other states as New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine Y Virginia.

TO midnight (05H00 GMT), the voting center from the small town of Dixville Notch, in New Hampshire, had been the first to open, as dictated by tradition.

But before this election day, almost 100 million voters already exercised their right in advance, which is a record.

Some did it in person and others by mail.

In some states, votes cast by mail can continue to arrive for up to several days after the election, predicting a complicated count.

Tens of millions of Americans vote on Tuesday to choose between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in elections that mark division and tension in the country, devastated by the pandemic and the economic crisis.

The country also expects an election marked by uncertainty, since the high percentage of votes cast by mail due to the covid-19 pandemic make it difficult for the result to be known tonight, and the president has already announced that his lawyers are ready to litigation.

Biden, a 77-year-old former vice president of Barack Obama, has been at the top of the polls for months and hopes to make it to the White House on his third try.

The 74-year-old outgoing president relies on his incombustible energy, which allowed him to maintain a frantic pace with which he promises to surprise again, with the polls against, just as he did in 2016.

We’re going to have another wonderful victory, “Trump said to a crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same place where he closed his campaign in 2016.

In his final campaign in Pittsburgh, Biden said his goal will be to “heal the country” and called for “getting up and taking back” democracy.

The electoral race was marked by the covid-19 pandemic, which has left more than 231,000 dead in the country.

Biden accuses the president – who was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 – of “spreading” the virus at his rallies and Trump has responded by threatening that his opponent will “close” the country.

FBI Warnings

Faced with the uncertainty, several cities, including Washington and New York, shielded businesses and offices to protect themselves from possible disturbances.

The FBI warned of potential clashes in Portland, a city that has become a symbol of division in the United States and the scene of protests against racism.

This was one of the issues that marked the campaign after the massive mobilizations in June after the death of a black citizen at the hands of a white policeman.

This Tuesday, many eyes will be focused on Florida, one of the great hinge states that promises to be one of the axes of the road to the White House.

In 2016 Trump managed to win in this bastion, but now the polls give Biden a slight advantage, although within the margin of error.

Another of the bastions that will focus attention is Pennsylvania, Biden’s home state, where voting intentions give him the winner, but always also within the uncertainty of the margin of error.