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US authorities conduct drill on Eagle Pass International Bridge number I

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) personnel in Eagle Pass, carried out a drill on International Bridge number I, for which they momentarily closed the lane from the United States to Mexico; only while the agents performed the maneuvers for which they have been trained.

These actions were carried out for a couple of minutes, without having a major impact on vehicular traffic to the United States, only briefly the traffic to Mexico was interrupted, since it was in this section that the drill was carried out, with the participation of Customs and Protection agents. Border to the guardrail.

In addition to the US federal agents and those in charge of security in said border port, who carried out this drill, heavily armed, upon reaching the guard line they formed a fence. Two CBP units also participated, accompanying the elements from the Eagle Pass booths to the median line between the United States and Mexico.

The foregoing is part of the actions that the North American authorities have implemented since 2019, when caravans of Central American migrants arrived in various border cities and, given the antecedents, of attempts to enter the American Union violently by those who made up said caravans.

It should be remembered that it was at the beginning of 2019 when one of the aforementioned Central American migrant caravans, made up of almost two thousand people, arrived in Piedras Negras and most of the migrants stayed for around three weeks in a shelter that the authorities implemented to provide them with the necessary attention to migrants.

Since then to date, CBP authorities in Eagle Pass carry out drills in International Bridges I and II, and in which various North American security corporations participate; and there has even been the participation of aircraft and maritime boats; because the drill is carried out by air, land and water.