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Video games: Nick & Kev test for you! – The Weekly Journal

One grew up playing Mario Bros games, the other practically enjoys video games “since birth”. Kevin Pott and his son Nicolas share a common passion for video games. They decided to share it by launching the Youtube channel Nick & Kev Gaming where father and son have fun testing video games.

“A lot of young people have the tablet in their hands and watch other people play rather than playing themselves. With Nicolas, what we noticed while watching other Youtube channels is that, often, it screams, there are endless exclamations and the players put too much. At one point, we can’t hear any more screaming. We said to ourselves: why not make content in our image, without shouting, and where we can also give information, ”explains Kevin Pott.

“We wanted to test video games to make people want to play these games,” continues Nicolas. It also shows that parents can like it. Since I was very little I want to make Youtube videos. I have tried once before, but it was not very good. I stopped that channel, but I always wanted to do it. So when dad suggested this project to me, I really wanted to get on board! ”

In addition to testing the game on screen, the duo fly over the options of the game as a whole in order to offer the best possible overview. “Parents who watch our clips can tell if it’s a good game for children, for example. Some may seem violent, but they are not that bad in the end and the children can play them without problem, ”says Kevin Pott.

It must be said that the parent-child relationship breaks the screen in the video clips! “We are already very close, but it comes to implement one of the common points that we have and it makes Nicolas realize a certain dream of making videos on Youtube”, he adds.

It also gives them the opportunity to spend beautiful father-son moments. It must be said that both Youtubers do not follow a particular text. Their reactions are sincere during the game and the discussions are spontaneous.

“Nick is a good communicator,” notes Kevin Pott. He has very good spoken French and naturally uses a good vocabulary. He doesn’t necessarily force himself for the capsules. It comes naturally to him. “

“When I play video games without my friends, I sometimes start talking to myself. For the capsules, we do research on the game, but otherwise, we talk and let go, adds Nicolas. What’s more difficult is that I tend to stand up and jump with my character when I’m playing. ”

And if son is particularly skillful and has more hours of practice than his father, the father assures to have kept several good reflexes of youth.

At the time of going to press, three video clips were available on the Youtube channel Nick & Kev Gaming on games Fall Guys, Fall Guys – Season 2 and Brawlhalla.

“We try to find games for the family, especially games that require collaboration between the players. We also tend to play free games. The content touches our two generations. We also want to take advantage of this channel to showcase little-known games and mini-games made by independent developers, ”emphasizes Kevin Pott.

Lately, Nicolas fell in love with Fall Guys and Brawlhalla, while his father plunged into Red Dead Redemption 2 and Inside, the latter being a platform game where we find several puzzles. The duo is also preparing a new capsule on Trine 4 which they played recently.

In anticipation of the holiday season, the Youtube channel Nick & Kev Gaming will also feature game recommendations to put on children’s Christmas gift lists. “We also take suggestions for games to test. People just have to write us a comment below the videos, ”concludes Kevin Pott.