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When does phase 3 COVID vaccine trial start in Mexico?

Martha Delgado Peralta, Undersecretary of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), explained that this week the application of the dose of the vaccine in phase 3 that the Chinese laboratory CanSino develops to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a press conference, the undersecretary indicated that the vaccines, which will be applied to 15,000 volunteers, were received on October 30 by foreign ministry personnel and guarded by the Secretary of the Navy (Semar).

“This same week the clinical trial is scheduled to begin. I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary professional and expeditious work of Dr. José Novelo, general director of Cofepris and his team, for having made this historic clinical study a quick authorization, a very rigorous authorization .

“The evaluation process was arduous. Not only was it checked that the technical and scientific requirements were met and under the strictest international standards, but also this protocol – and Annette will explain it now – contemplates guaranteeing the integrity of the participants , of the volunteers and the safety of the patients, “said Delgado.

In a morning conference at the National Palace, Martha Delgado Peralta indicated that the results of the 15,000 volunteers to whom the dose will be applied will be reported to the laboratories of the CanSino Biologics company, in Canada.

“There they will be grouped with all the other countries and there will be a final report,” he said.