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AMLO assures that Notimex will not disappear

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that Notimex will continue to be a news agency and stated that they will seek to reach an agreement in the labor dispute that he is currently experiencing, “hopefully and there will be a conciliation soon.”

“Notimex will not disappear, it will continue to be a news and information agency. It will seek to reach an agreement for the differences that exist, hopefully and soon there will be a conciliation,” he commented at a press conference in the Palace National.

Since last February 21, the Single Union of Notimex Workers (Sutnotimex) went on strike to demand 94 benefit clauses, among which is the 15% salary increase.

Notimex assures that it offered all labor benefits, according to the Federal Labor Law and also a wage increase of 3.4% and 1.8 in benefits, but the union demanded the reinstatement of the dismissed workers, despite the fact that, it points out, 80% had already been liquidated according to law.